SECUREMobile™ represents a significant shift in mobile eCommerce practices for both consumers and retailers.


SECUREMobile™ significantly reduces the inputs and time it takes to purchase securely on mobile…

SECUREMobile has completely redesigned the eCommerce checkout process by removing the things that slow us down when we are trying to make a purchase on our mobile.

No more forms to fill in for each purchase, apps to download or details to remember, SECUREMobile significantly reduces the required number of screens, inputs and time it takes to purchase securely on mobile.

When you are sent a SECUREMobile offer, the vendor has approved you for purchase, the Click2Buy link is unique to every customer, and security is supported by your unique mobile phone number and your unique phone ID and security providing 2factors of authentication.


We've turned Ecommerce into Mcommerce to leverage the power and convenience of the mobile phone...

Reducing an average of 23 screens of inputs for eCommerce to 2 screens and a super-fast and secure checkout was never going to be easy.

We observed there was a huge gap between the number of purchases made on desktop and the significantly lower number of purchases made on mobile devices, despite the mobile phone being the most commonly used device for browsing.

So we turned eCommerce into “mCommerce” and turned it on its head.

We redesigned and rebuilt the model encouraging vendors to get smart about the way they communicate with their clients, focussing on better understanding them through their data and shaping their offers and experiences for each individual.

Instead of you going to the store, the store comes to you.


Only vendors who meet the highest standards of security and compliance within GDPR requirements...

With great power comes great responsibility and we take the power of personalised business messaging very seriously.

That’s why only suppliers who conform to the highest standards of security and compliance within GDPR data protection requirements and commit to strict adherence to the government’s anti-SPAM legislation (SPAM ACT 1973) regarding unsolicited electronic communications are authorised as SECUREMobile.net vendors.


A super-fast, super-secure and super-convenient accelerated checkout built for mobile…

Once registered as a SECUREMobile client (this happens the first time you use the SECUREMobile Network) it should take a user between 10 and 15 seconds to take up an offer and complete the purchase. No, not a miss-print - 10 to 15 seconds!!!!

SECUREMobile is an accelerated checkout that lets customers save their email address, credit card, shipping and billing information so they can complete their transaction faster. Payment information can even be added across from cards stored in the phone for Apple and Google Pay eliminating friction and fumbling that often results in abandoned shopping carts in online stores.

The customer’s shipping and billing information is securely stored on SECUREMobile’s PCI compliant server and only synced at purchase with the vendors securelink helping to make the process super-fast, super-secure and super-convenient!!


Quality assured authorised vendors and PCI / GDPR compliant data security for peace of mind…

When you register in the SECUREMobile network you will have access to hundreds of authorised Quality Assured retailers.

Your personal secure data is managed within the SECUREMobile network, payments are managed through the Stripe platform and no records of your payment information are recorded .

All data transfers are secured in PCI compliant processes to protect all data in line with global GDPR requirements.


For retailers the “new normal” and the “next normal” when Covid19 settles down will be a long way from the retail model…

For retailers, the “new normal” and the “next normal” when Covi19 settles down will be a long way from the retail model we are all used to. Online is growing like never before, physical retail is struggling, and big brands are pushing online with many companies reporting that online has accelerated between 3 and 5 years’ worth of growth in the first 6 months of 2020.

Customers in 2020 want a personalised experience offering them something special. Brands and businesses in 2020 want foot traffic in front of their offers and “the new normal” means that foot traffic needs to be in the digital space. SECUREMobile™ combined with SNIPER™ patented technology gives businesses the power to deliver direct, rich, multimedia marketing and sales offers right to their customers’, staff or suppliers’ mobile phones.

We do know mobile and text is the preferred engagement platform that almost 90% of consumers prefer. The future of successful client management should not be outsourced, use the data you have collected, try stuff, explore new ideas and meet your clients where they want to be met – on their mobile.


Manage, measure and grow your data for better conversion and marketing ROI….

The processes of pushing offers out by email to your whole data base are long gone. CRM systems are able to target client data bases and use client history to predict and recommend likely buying behaviours.

Sure email is low cost, and it can generate revenues, and when you stop it the revenue goes away. BUT… is it the best way to engage and build a relationship of value with your clients?

Are you treating all your clients as individuals? Are you using the data you have to deliver targeted promotions direct to your client’s hand that are personal, valuable, contextual and authentic?

If your current CRM can find you 200 clients that are likely to purchase a product, then why not push the offer just to those 200 people? Why not shift from offers to large groups to lots of different campaigns to lots of smaller groups. Better data, better segmentation, better offers, better ROI.

When sending a message directly to your customers phone, your offer should be personal, include a time and scarcity motivator and a value offering. SECUREMobile gives the receiver the instant ability to take up that offer and complete the transaction, all on the device it was delivered to in under 15 seconds.


What if you could message your customers a special deal today and have them “click-to-buy”?

What if you could setup your own online store just by messaging your customers something special?

All you need to do all of this yourself is the easy to use Secure Mobile platform with Sniper and the phone numbers of your favourite customers.

What if you could message your customers a special deal today and have them “click-to-buy”?

Your initiative, your idea, your hard work and your business deserve the attention of your customers so take back control of your contact with them and send something personalised straight to their phone today.


The mobile marketing platform powering SECUREMobile

SNIPERMobile.com is a Software as a Service Platform (SaaS) that offers organisations better access to their mobile clients by enabling mobile clients to do more on their mobile devices.

SNIPER was released in 2018, SNIPER users have sent close to 20 million personalised visual and text messages direct to mobile text inboxes.

SNIPER enables organisations to self manage and take control of all aspects of their mobile communications with their clients, offering 1:1 personalisation to the mobile number level, with 2WAY messaging, promotion tools, Add2Wallet function, list management and loyalty.

Finally, the one click mobile checkout we've all been waiting for.